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Coffee Arabica, the only type of coffee grows in Ethiopia and Ethiopia produces varieties of coffee that have rich original flavors and exports coffee of different types and grades. Ethiopia has been exporting several specialty coffee types, such as Sidama, Guji, Djimmma, Lekemti, Harrar, Yirgacheffe, Limmu, Teppi, Ghimbi, Keffa forest, Gemadro, Bebeka, Godere, Bench Maji, Bale, Anderacha, Zege, Amaro, Arsi, Kochere, Ayu, Gura Ferda, Shegitu, Wellega, Geisha, Gera, Yeki,


Coffee is said to have gotten its name from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa, where this coffee is produced. Like other coffees from this region, the beans produce a rather heavy-bodied cup with a wine-like aftertaste. Region: The bulk of Ethiopia’s natural coffee exports come from Djimmah. Often used in blends, it commands a premium over other African unwashed Arabicas due to its clean cup and good flavor. The bulk of Djimmah coffee comes from the Illubabor region which has an altitude of 1750 to 2000 m and is about 600 km from Addis.Distance from Addis by car up to 7 hours (360 km)

Yirgacheffe Coffee

Considered the finest of all coffees grown in the Horn of Africa, the most prevalent taste characteristic is lemon, which gives a distinct tart bite combined with a rich, floral finish.

Region: The Yirgacheffe region lies as an island in the middle of Sidamo. It was recognized as a distinct region in the 1960s and set apart for the exceptional citrus and floral flavors found in its washed coffees. Distance from Addis by car up to 7 hours (395 km)

Sidamo Coffee

Popular among the specialty trade, the beans are processed by either dry or wet methods. The beans produce flavor notes with a spicy character and round, balanced acidity in the cup.

Region: With altitudes of up to 2,200 meters, Sidamo produces fine-washed and exceptional unwashed coffees. Farmers hold some production as natural to spread their income through the year as red cherries for washed coffees do not keep longer if stored. For those visiting this region, we highly recommend staying at the Aregash Lodge near Yirgalem where visitors can see a range of wildlife and also the lodge’s own coffee plantation. Distance from Addis by car up to 6 hours (340 km)

Limu Coffee

Characterized by its winey aftertaste, this washed coffee delivers a vibrant, balanced cup with sharp acidity and a classic balanced taste.

Region: Regarded as secondary to Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, Limu washed coffee still has a distinctive winey flavor. The Limu bean is flatter than the other washed coffees. Although predominantly a smallholder-produced coffee, there are some government-owned plantations in Limu.Distance from Addis by car up to 8 hours (400 km)


One of the world’s most prized coffees, Harrar has a medium to light acidity, full body with typical mocha flavor, and a winey aftertaste. Of the two varieties, Short Berry and Long Berry, the latter is considered the most desirable. All Harrar is dry processed and the beans are slightly yellowish-green.
Region: Famed the world over for its distinctive blueberry mocha flavor, Harrar coffee fetches some of the highest prices for unwashed coffee in the world market. A good proportion of the crop goes to the Middle East and Japan. The distinctive ‘long berry’ bean shape is increasingly hard to find, but the cup remains consistently excellent. Coffee in Harrar is not washed due to a marked lack of water resources and the fact that the sundried coffee already fetches significant premiums due to its exceptional cup characteristics. Distance from Addis by car up to 6 hours (450 km west Harrar) 8 hours (600 km east Harrar) up to 6 hours (526 km Harrar City) or by plane 1 hour (daily flights from Addis to Dire Dawa)

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